Our Brands

Beauty Spa Our original beauty company, created 25 years ago. Realising the benefits of natural ingredients Mel Friend created this brand to promote the benefits of ingredients like Rotorua Thermal Mud and Lanolin. These products are still very popular today.
PureSource Beauty products allowing the uniqueness of natural New Zealand to become part of your daily skin care regime. Utilizing the best of New Zealand's own cleaning, healing and protecting ingredients extracted from indigenous flora and fauna.
New Zealand Alpine Gourmet Foods A selection of gourmet food focusing on tastes from New Zealand. We have a range of different foods from Shortbread cookies to Honey Drops.
Flavours of New Zealand A collection of sweets made to include the best flavours of New Zealand including our famous Manuka Honey. Flavours of New Zealand include chocolate bars and candy each very different and unique.
Friends Jam A range of 12 delicious New Zealand flavours packaged in either a box or with a traditional cloth cover. A wonderful gift for everyone.
South Pacific Recordings A collection of timeless New Zealand Music, produced on various CD's focusing on popular well known Maori music.